Ready to Remodel?

To make sure your remodel doesn’t turn into a regret, do your research.

Any improvements to your home should be done to maintain or increase value. Maintaining your home can include adding new roofing, fixing plumbing issues, or staying on top of your pest control measures. Finding ways to increase your home value can be a little trickier. This is where good research comes into play. Wise (2016) offers ideas on where to start with your research including determining if you need a permit, deciding to hire a professional or not, and finding a “good contractor”.

One of the biggest issues I have found is the problem of “out-pricing the market with fancy interiors” (Wise, 2016). Even if you are remodeling for your own needs, you have to remember that you will eventually sell your home. Unless you plan to remodel again or just love wasting time and money, I offer a few suggestions.

  • Don’t make your home one of a kind (changes you make to the home should be likely to bring more buyers not less); this doesn’t mean you should get rid of your homes character either.
  • Your home value is maxed out based on location, size, and community. Don’t add pricey interior upgrades unless it fits your neighborhood (Remember: Market value doesn’t usually include the fancy wallpaper you picked out).
  • Remodel your home in a way that will bring you the most return. These include updating bathrooms and kitchens, which are always important to buyers.

Are you ready to remodel now?


Wise, N. (2016, Jan 5). 5 Things You Didn't Know About Home Renovations. Retrieved from




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