Add a Home Office Now!

As technology advances, so do the opportunities for workers to achieve work life balance. In particular, e-commuters, are creating demand for home offices (NW Reporter, January Placeholder Image2017). A great deal of buyers are looking for homes with a move-in ready office or one with the potential for an office space. Older homes were not initially designed with space for a home office (NW Reporter, January 2017). Work was work and home was home. Now we are looking for ways to integrate the two to eliminate some of the struggles associated with commuting to work. Some of those reasons include increasing traffic, high gas prices, and vehicle maintenance. All that time on the road could be better spent at home with the family, exercising at the gym, doing a hobby, or just having more time to relax.

If you are looking to sell your home, be aware of the change in what buyers are looking for. You can capitalize on this knowledge and put your home at the top of any buyers list and perhaps even get top dollar. You may even consider converting the formal dining room into an office depending on its location. Talk to a real estate professional for advice before making changes to maximize the impact that these projects will have on the final sale price of your home.


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